Open Secret: Muktha Foundation to Embark on a National Campaign Against CSA

Bengaluru-based Muktha Foundation is launching a nation-wide campaign on ‘Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse’ starting January 1st, 2019, to March 30th, 2019, as part of a continued effort to make child safety a national priority. A team of mental health professionals led by Ashwini N.V will travel to all 29 Indian state capitals and 3 U

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nion Territories for 75 days non-stop to conduct over 150 training programmes for over 1 lakh children and other stakeholders such as teachers, parents, NGO professional, members of religious congregations, and general community members. The campaign will talk about warning signs of Child Sexual Abuse, myths, behaviour pattern of abusers, 11 safety rules for everyone, the POCSO Act, and more. Muktha Foundation has also come up with materials which will be delivered to everyone in the campaign as all the information cannot be delivered within the minimal training period.

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The main objective of the campaign is to solve and prevent the problem of childhood sexual abuse, in a move away from doing something only when an incident happens. The reason for choosing only urban spots for this awareness-raising was determined by the language the trainers can communicate in; people participating in any of these training sessions can take the information to rural and other areas as well. They will, in effect, become the ambassadors of this campaign. Only ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch’ sessions are not enough for creating awareness on the complex issue. This training module is suitable for everyone, including parents, because parents play a key role here and can guide their children and observe their behaviour closely. The training will also include helpful ideas on recovering from such abuse. The team believes that this kind of awareness-building must become a part of the regular teachers’ training.

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If anyone is interested in getting the training material translated into a local language, then Muktha Foundation will be happy to help out. If anyone wants to arrange a training session in their school or community, they can contact Muktha Foundation by calling 8861431673.


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