The Art Show: Understanding ‘Rasanubhava’

Arun Srinivasan started learning dance early in his childhood and later took up an MA in Dance.

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Dr. Arathi Rao has been practising music from age five. She had never thought she will take up music as her profession, though. “I worked in the IT field but I didn’t find any happiness there. So, with the help of my family’s love and respect, I did an MA and a PhD in Music. I am also into research more than giving sessions.”

Uday Kiran says that music is his “breath”. His family origins and him being from Mysore influenced his choice of the profession. His family’s support and encouragement led him to play the harmonium from the age of three. Later, he got his MA in Music from the Mysore University. He also got his PhD from the Mysore University. “Other than the qualifications, music makes a person complete.”

In Indian culture, art occupies a very important place. ‘Rasanubhava’ is good. Pradarshaka Kalegalu traditionally included music and dance.

In this episode, Uday Kiran shares stories of his favourite musical instrument, the Keyboard. This discussion can be a great input for individuals who want to learn the Keyboard. “Many think that the Keyboard is a foreign instrument. The Piano was used as a reference to design the Keyboard, with the huge size of the Piano pushing researchers to think of coming up with a similar but much smaller instrument.”

A few researchers believe that the Violin comes from Pashtaya Desha, with its origins in Europe. When compared with other insruments, the Violin doesn’t have any keys (Manae) but it has a fingerboard without any markings. On the strings is a fret. “We play using a bow which is prepared with nylon or horse tail hair.”

Listen in for more!

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