Behind the Label: Asha’s Candid Personal Story of Surrogacy

49848539_1990136014440406_3933963625345056768_nAsha was born in a family that survived below the poverty line. Growing up watching her parents find it difficult to bring up their kids inspired her to grow up and seek better sources of income. Unfortunately, she was married off into another poor family where her unhappiness continued. After a while, she shifted to Bangalore with her husband. She was introduced to garment workers and joined a factory as a helper. But her earnings were meagre and not enough to lead a comfortable life or to take care of her kids.

While searching for other smaller jobs, she also worked as an artist. Soon after, unfortunately, her husband passed away and her life suddenly became stagnant. As she was trying to cope with all the added responsibilities, she got acquainted with a person who introduced her to surrogate motherhood.

In this interview, Asha candidly explains the surrogacy process and its many difficulties. It involves three months’ complete bed rest, weekly injections, and regular scanning. “I went through a lot of pain to lead a happy life. I would request all women to not lose hope in difficult times. There are many ways of leading life with respect.”

Listen in for more…

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