Chigurida Badaku with Dharma Raju – The Need for Couples Counselling When One Partner is HIV+

Dharma Raju has past experience of working in the travel industry. One day, he was down with high fever. This was about 10 years into his marriage. During this period, he was diagnosed with being HIV+ while his wife was diagnosed to be negative. He also had high levels of sugar in his body. He approached Bowring Hospital for treatment and later rejoined work. He used to rarely eat home-cooked food and was always on the road driving a bus. One day, while at work, he woke up and couldn’t see anything.

Chigurida Badaku poster

Today, Dharma Raju lives with just 10% of his vision. He consumes ART tablets and tablets for diabetes control and commutes outside the house with his wife’s help. After resigning from work, he has invested his money in eye treatment. After discovering that his wife was HIV-, while he was HIV+, he was supposed to have received counselling. But, no one recommended counselling to the couple, because of which, his wife, too, has now tested positive. At the counselling centre where he goes, he is treated quickly and sent back, instead of receiving more detailed care.

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