Active Bengaluru: Short-Filmmaker Padmalatha Ravi is a Mental Health Crusader

48365379_229302657964735_3134912151362207744_nThis episode of Active Bengaluru features Padmalatha Ravi. Her passion lies in making short films and using the money she makes through them to raise awareness on Mental Health.

Padma lives with mental illness of her own. “I used to panic suddenly and get scared of everything, even simple acts like wearing clothes or going to a shop. Once, I suffered with breathing problems and was hospitalised in my village.” Padma’s parents didn’t know what was happening and they were unable to answer the doctor’s questions. “In the village, there are no doctors who can understand and provide treatment for mental health issues; awareness among the communities is very low as well.”

In Padma’s own house, people were left wondering about her behaviour. She was finding it difficult to do any work. On field as a journalist, she was getting scared of asking questions. So, she left her regular job and started working from home. In time, she got all information on her health condition and managed to control her issues.
Today, she has found a calling in movies and her husband supports her wholeheartedly. When faced with similar symptoms as before, Padma now knows what to do to cope. Her family, as well, has gone through lot of struggle to accept and understand her. Today, everyone supports her and backs her in her life.

Listen in for more…

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