Beyond Affliction: The RPWD Act, 2016, Aims to Create a Barrier-Free Environment

The Rights of Persons with Disabilities (RPWD) Act, 2016, was established to help create an environment that includes people living with disabilities. The aim is to bring more equality in all spaces as far as access and movement is concerned.


In 2006, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCPRD) initiated these laws and in 2007 India signed the agreement and initiated the laws. These 21 disabilities are mentioned under the commitment:

Locomotors disability

Muscular dystrophy

Leprosy cured


Cerebral palsy

Acid attack victim

Low vision



Hard of hearing

Speech and language disability

Intellectual disability

Specific learning disability

Autism spectrum disorder

Mental illness

Chronic neurological illness

Multiple sclerosis

Parkinson’s disease



Sickle cell disease

The RPWD Act 2016 embodies:

1. Respect for inherent dignity, individual autonomy, non-discrimination

2. Full and effective participation and inclusion in society

3. Respect for difference and acceptance of persons with disabilities as part of human diversity and humanity

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