Mano Charchae: Sleeping Well Means Feeling Well, Physically and Mentally

It remains a common misconception that sleep means that the body is at complete rest. The fact, however, is that many functions, like the release of hormones, organs, general metabolism, and more, are still on in a sleeping body. A lot of research is still being done on sleep and what happens in a human body during sleep.

The general benefits of sleep include:

Physical and mental rest
Rejuvenation of energy
Optimum function of bodily organs

Long periods of sleep are critical in the initial years. Newborn babies sleep most hours in a day which helps their physical and mental development.

When it comes to body weight, it has been proven that a person who is unable to sleep well for many days at a stretch will find their body weight rising. Conversely, increased body weight sometimes inhibits sleep, so these factors are closely and conversely related. Regular good sleep ensures good health and better immunity. A minimum of 8 hours of sleep is recommended for most of a person’s life – till the age of 20, one may sleep more than these many hours, while after 60, one may sleep much less.

A few people function well with just 4 hours of sleep, while others need 10 hours of sleep. The body gets used to the rhythm set by the person, but reduced sleep may lead to headaches, low immunity power, depression, anxiety, distressed moods. They should ideally consult a doctor and remedy it. Low sleep levels can also lead to problems in one’s personal life.

How to sleep well:

The hormone called Melatonin decides a person’s sleep cycle and its balance is critical in a body. People who have trouble sleeping at night must avoid day-time sleep. Yoga or a short walk can help bring on better sleep. The use of mobile phones should be restricted just before sleep.

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