Active Cooking: Down With a Cold? Averekai Saaru to the Rescue!

This dish is a special preparation from the sugarcane town of Mandya in Karnataka. “It makes for a great combination with Ragi Balls,” says Radha, our featured cook for this episode. She tells us that this dish is usually made during the winter season, and is best had when you’re down with cold or fever. “What’s more, this Averekai Saaru can be stored for about fifteen days!”


• Coriander leaves
• Pepper
• Tamarind
• Green chilies
• Garlic
• Averekai
• Salt

Take a vessel, pour water to fill half of it, and bring it to a boil.

Once the water starts boiling, put in the Averekai. Along with this put in the green chilies and a bit of salt.

As this mix starts boiling, grind the garlic, pepper, tamarind and coriander leaves along with a handful of raw averekalu and some green chilies and a little salt if required, and make a fine gravy.

Once the gravy is ready, switch off the flame to the boiling averekai and strain out the water. Transfer it to a different vessel, add the gravy into it, along with a little more water if necessary. If you are adding more water, see to it that it is the boiled water itself.

Once everything has been added, mix it all well and then serve it hot.

Listen in for more…

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