Behind the Label: Shivalingamma Has Triumphed Over Domestic Violence

Shivalingamma was born in a village in a family living below the poverty line. She had six siblings and they subsisted on rice soup while their mother drank just water before sleep. She dreamt of a beautiful life after marriage but her real world was entirely different. She was harassed, beaten up and insulted everyday. She used to sit alone and cry at her house, and while also taking the family buffaloes out to graze.

Every time she cried, a snake would appear and as soon as she saw the snake, she used to stop crying. This situation diverted her mind from suicidal thoughts. But, when she shared this story with her family members, she was called crazy.

After 10 years of suffering, she decided to leave her husband and move to Bangalore. But, unfortunately, he used to come to Bangalore and beat her up and doubt that she had built relationships with other men. She has two children, but neither of them supported her or stood by her.

Today, Shivalingamma lives alone and earns a living by working at a garment factory. She is happy working with women and has helped create almost 50 SHGs.

Listen in for more…

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