Mano Charchae: Keeping An Eye Out for Common Sleeping Disorders

One may think that a sleeping disorder means sleeping less or too much, but it is, in fact, a wide set of conditions.

Sleeping for about 8 hours a night is considered healthy, so regularly sleeping fewer hours may be cause for concern. If a lack of sleep is leading to physical and mental symptoms, then a medical check-up is warranted. Some times, low levels of sleep are due to certain life problems, like a family tragedy. Other times, the reason may be a specific physical or mental ailment. Consuming too much caffeine, acidic items or sugar; addiction to smoking, drinking and/or drugs; a deficiency of iron during pregnancy; asthma and other breathing diseases, can all cause sleeping troubles. Snoring very loudly during sleep is a sign as well as a result of sleeping disorders.

Sleeping too much is also a disorder. Sufferers often get ‘sleep attacks’ where they may fall into deep sleep at any time of the day. Snoring, walking while asleep, chattering teeth while asleep, talking while asleep, and seemingly scolding someone while asleep, are few other sleep-related problems. If observed regularly, they all demand medical attention. Loud snoring is usually indicative of respiratory stress.

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