Trash Talk – Understanding the HSR Layout Civic Model

Dr. Shanthi Tummala from HSR Layout led a training at the corporation office to train BBMP’s PKs and link workers. She spoke about how residents of HSR Layout, the MLA, the BBMP Joint Commissioner, the Health Inspector, PKs, link workers, corporate professionals and others got together and helped create a plastic-free HSR:

  1. The first step involved door-to-door awareness-building about not mixing waste and segregating it into 3 categories.
  2. The second step was the BBMP Joint Commissioner issuing the drums for the collection of all the segregated waste.
  3. The third step was the MLA issuing bins for each lane for the disposal of dry waste.
  4. The fourth step was taken in the area’s parks where the volunteers dug a big hole to dump dry waste into and make gobra to support gardening.
  5. The last step was the cleaning up of an empty space and starting the cultivation of vegetables and fruits.

Today, HSR Layout features a lane where all the residents make gobra and grow fresh and healthy vegetables and fruits. None of the shops in the area carry plastic bags. This success was achieved after a lot of collective hard work and deserves to be replicated.

Listen in for more…

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