Active Cooking – Making Iddukina Bele Saaru

In this episode, Asha shares with us the recipe for Iddukina Bele Saaru.

Asha was born and brought up in a village in Karnataka. She learnt to cook from her mother and during school holidays, she learnt further from her aunt. Her family used to grow their own pulses and seeds. “We used to make a wide variety of curries with the pulses, especially during the rainy season.”

Asha regularly also tries out recipes shown on TV cooking shows. The following dish is one of her seasonal favourites.


• Iddukina bele (1/2 kg)
• Onions (1, big)
• Tomatoes (two, medium-sized)
• Ginger-Garlic paste (2 full spoons)
• Coconut (1/2)
• Coriander leaves
• Mint leaves

First, fry all the ingredients using a little oil and then grind it all in a mixer. Mix it to make a well-done powder. Keep it aside.

Take a pan, put some oil into it, and once the oil is heated, put in some mustard seeds and curry leaves. Allow them to cook well.

Cut the onion and add into the pan. Once the onion has browned, put in the coriander leaves and ginger-garlic paste.

Once the raw taste of the paste has gone away, put in the iddukina bele and fry for at least 10 minutes.

Add some garam masala, chicken masala, chili powder, dhania powder, and turmeric powder. Lastly, add the ground paste and some salt and mix it all very well.

Keep stirring at regular intervals. At last, pour in some water to make it a gravy.

Serve it hot with chappattis or neer dosa.

Listen in for more…

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