Behind the Label: Suma Recounts Her Tough Journey to Bangalore

Suma has been working at a garment factory for the past 25 years. She has two children. Her first monthly salary had been Rs. 300 and she had worked as a helper, trimmer, checker and ironing assistant, and had later finally learnt tailoring.

Before coming to Bangalore, Suma and her husband used to sell Manadaki, but the business was poor and saw no improvement. So, they decided to leave the children at a relative’s and make the shift to the city. “The first few days, we subsisted on rice soup. For the initial two years, my husband didn’t have a job, so I took care of the family by working at a garment factory.”

Sadly, their children gradually lost all love and affection for the parents as Suma and her husband couldn’t visit them often or when needed. They were also brought up in a way that they near forgot about their biological parents. When Suma and her husband asked them to come and stay with them, they rejected the offer claiming that they didn’t know them enough. Today, their children are married and have children of their own. “My husband and I are still awaiting their love and the affection of our grandchildren.”

Listen in for more…

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