Read Aloud Festival with RJ Lakshmi – Discovering Books and the Joy of Reading

In this special podcast, RJ Lakshmi introduces the concept of read alouds and the many joyful discoveries this process can open up. A part of the team from the NGO, Hasirudala which runs a series of community libraries under the name ‘Buguri’, RJ Lakshmi reveals how the simple act of reading a book aloud to a person can forever transform their relationship with that book.

In honour of World Read Aloud Day, celebrated on February 1st, Hasirudala, Buguri Community Libraries, and partners will host an event on February 10th, bringing together children from close to 15 communities. The hope is to make read alouds an integral part of the school education of these children, and inspiring a ripple effect that can extend to their homes.

The Read Aloud Festival is one small step towards reviving the magic of reading books aloud and making intimate literary connections through the process. Join us as we launch month-long social media campaigns to promote this form.

And meanwhile, listen in!

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