Kasa Shramika Parisara Rakshaka: The Women Running DWCCs In Spite of Tall Odds

Merry runs a DWCC in ward no 165, Ganesha Mandira, Kumuda runs a DWCC in ward no 163, Kathriguppe, and Sampangi has been running a DWCC in ward no 181, Kumaraswamy Layout. In this episode, Merry, Sampangi and Kumuda share their experiences of helming DWCCs with the help of the NGO Hasirudala. They have received official status due to the Waste Picker ID Cards. The card provides them with the permission to run these centers. After joining Hasirudala, they have received support for the education of their children as well, including access to scholarships.

These entrepreneurs lead door-to-door collection services. Merry, however, has been grappling with a few problems at the workplace. The area counselor has complained about the smell coming from the center and has told them to close shop. Her husband has supported her throughout and has guided her to drive her own vehicle; he himself is unable to drive because of a problem in his spinal cord.

Sampangi strated the center with the help of her son and husband. They had stopped his education to invest money in this business instead, but Hasirudala has been helping them to restart the stalled education.

In spite of many financial problems, these workers are determined to run the centres.

Listen in for more…

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