Behind the Label: In Spite of Health Emergencies, Nagamma Has Never Lost Her Positivity

In this episode of Behind the Label, Nagamma talks bout her life and continuing to work in a garments factory while struggling with health problems. “Many had told me that I won’t be able to work but I didn’t listen to those words.”

Six years back, when she was pregnant for the first time, she went for a check-up and was told that one of her kidneys had stopped working completely. She was advised to end the pregnancy and have her kidney removed. In the eighth month, she lost the baby and had to get the kidney removed. She left the garments work and decided to stay at home, during which time she focused on her healing and regaining her positivity. She rejoined work and was able to get back to it with happiness.

Nagamma’s husband is disabled, which means the income coming into the house is meagre. She works late into the night to compensate and does piece work to support her family.

Listen in for more…

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