Active Bengaluru – The Deshakagi Naavu Forum Fights for the Democratic Rights of Citizens

Peggy and Sarovar are from the ‘Deshakagi Naavu’ Forum. This platform has been created by individuals from various organisations. The three main purposes of this platform are about farmers and their lands, student welfare and the upliftment of exploited communities. The agenda of the programme is ‘Jai Kisan, Jai Naujawan and Jai Samvidan’.

“This platform has been built to make the politicians hear the people’s voice. Each vote cast has value and the voters feel that the politicians should take up the responsibility for it,” says Peggy. There are different committees under this forum – like the farmer’s committee, the youth committee, and the LGBT committee – and all of these members represent this forum.

Peggy mentions that in the past few years, people have become increasingly concerned at slowly losing their democratic rights and freedoms. This forum is the voice of the majority which remains at a disadvantage. “The only power in our hands is our vote and if we don’t use this power well, then we do not have the right to question the government. So, the upcoming elections are critical.”

Sarovar speaks about how the forum is speaking out against the lack of employment opportunities in the country. “A country can grow only when each and every citizen is employed and educated. There is a lot to tackle – not enough employment opportunities, underpaid work, contract work that is unreliable, and more. The youth must come out and vote for the cause of education, not on the basis of caste or religion.”

Peggy also emphasises the need for uniform development, which will help the lives of rural farmers as well as city-dwellers. A farmer is seen only as a voter by the politicians who make tall promises before elections and then forget about them.

The forum also insists on equality irrespective of one’s gender or sexual preference. “All citizens of India have equal rights, everyone has the right to a dignified life.”

Peggy and Sarovar say that anyone who wants to fight for the rights of farmers or for the cause of education, or against any sort of discrimination, is welcome to join this group.

Listen in for more…

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