Active Health: For the Eyes, Seek Right Treatment at the Right Time

In this episode of Active Health, Dr. Surekha speaks about overall subjects related to the eyes.

“Eyes are very important parts of the human body. Everyone must take very good care of them.” Talking about cataract, she mentions that one can improve their vision by removing the film at the right time and that free cataract surgeries are performed at the Nayonika Charitable Trust. “For a condition like Diabetic Retinopathy, the patients’ eyes must be taken care of well because variations in sugar can cause loss of vision easily. They must go for regular check-ups. Also, persons who have been consuming medication for a long time must keep a note on the condition of their eyes.”

Another eye condition, Glaucoma is hereditary and if the family has a history of it, then treatment is very important to avoid loss of vision. “Lazy eyes are difficult to notice, so treatment at the right time if any problems are diagnosed is critical.”

In the episode, Dr. Surekha also speaks about the latest technologies in eye-care and at what age which surgeries can be safely performed. Computer Syndrome is something people have to take care of nowadays while using computers and other electronic gadgets. She also speaks about donation of eyes and its importance.

There are treatments available for all the subjects mentioned above, but notifying the issues and receiving the right treatment at the right time is very important.

Listen in for more…

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