Behind the Label – Vanitha Demands Dignity at the Workplace and the Dispensary

Vanitha is a garment worker who works as a tailor. In this episode, she has spoken about the problems faced with regards to ESI and daily work at garment factories.

She says that they have to wait at the dispensary to get a number. “On the day, if we get the number very late, then the doctor would leave. That day’s leave will be wasted, and we would be forced to apply for a leave again. At ESI, there is a great level of apathy towards the workers – the officers go away for long tea breaks without any regard for their work.”

Vanitha mentions a situation when her mother was very sick and they still were told to sit in a queue. A friend of Vanitha who had delivered a baby at ESI, was shifted to another hospital and passed away during the journey. This was because she had been bleeding too much and no treatment was provided to her.

At the garment factory itself, the pressure in production should be eased. The minimum of Rs. 18,000 monthly salary should be implemented. “Also, vulgar comments and scoldings towards girls and women should be stopped at the workplace.”

Listen in for more…

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