Mano Charchae: Government Schemes that Support Welfare of Mental Health Patients

In this episode of Mano Charchae, Dr. Shanivaram Reddy, Assistant Professor from NIMHANS, talks about facilities available at the Social Welfare Department for mentally ill patients.

These patients should have a certificate provided by Mental Health specialists. These patients should also have their Aadhar card or any other identity card to confirm that they have been living in a certain location for many years. All the above documents need to be submitted to the District Disability Welfare Officer for further proceedings to receive the facilities. For parents or guardians who are taking care of mental health patients, there are IT returns available if they are employed. Depending on what level of mental health issues these parents or guardians are dealing with, they will receive a commensurate amount. They can also receive a pension depending on their condition.

Patients living around Bengaluru can pay Rs. 532 and travel in an AC bus, while rural patients have to pay Rs. 632 to commute a certain number of kilometers. Patients who commute from outside Bengaluru in search of jobs or who want to study, and whose income is less than Rs. 60,000 per anum, can stay at the Residential Center at Kengeri. Around 40 members can stay in this place. Patients who have recovered and are getting married will receive Rs. 50,000 from the Government for a Register Marriage. In rural areas, the Awaaz Yojanae provides residential services to mental health patients.

Mental health patients should come forward and take advantage of these facilities because usually, they are held back from accessing many social facilities. Any complaints with regards to the above-mentioned facilities can be brought to the attention of the Disability Commissioner; in rural areas, they can reach out to the Zilla Head.

For patients with mental illness, 5% reservation is available for educational purposes and a scholarship can be gained by those receiving above 60% marks. Under the Skill Development Training for Disability, mental health patients can also receive a training. The Karnataka Government offers seats for C and D division of work. For health services, they can apply under the Ayushman Bhava Scheme.

The Zilla Head, the Taluk Head and the State Commissioner are mandated to initiate activities related to Mental Illness welfare.

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