Active Bengaluru: The Collective Responsibility to Improve Government Schools

KSCPCR, in association with the Department of Education and the Samajika Parivarthana Janandolana had organised a book release event at SCM House. The book, titled ‘Contribution of Government Schools in the Field of Education’, encapsulates a survey conducted of Government Schools in five districts of Karnataka. The book carries information about which schools are doing the best work and what facilities are needed to make Government Schools into model schools. RJ Radha was present at the event.

In this episode, Ambanna shares more about the survey. “During the time of the survey, the team was not welcomed – many cross-questions and interventions were faced by the members. A critical lack of facilities was noticed in many of these schools and not all principals were willing to give out information because they were worried about later interventions. A few schools, however, were maintained really well, with all facilities present. The Government has funds for these schools but everything is not utilised in the right way, we were told.” The Government has allowed for privatisation of Government Schools, where 50% is maintained by the Government and the other 50% is to be taken care of by a private team.

Hanumanthaiya, the Rajyasabha Adyaksharu, praised the survey and the book. “We will do our best to implement the necessary things, but it will take time. If a rule is passed that all Government employees’ children should be sent to Government Schools to study, then we will see a little improvement in this matter!” He also mentioned the poor planning that leads to some of the budget amount being sent back to the Government. “They have to plan it and see how to make use of the funds. It’s each and everyone’s responsibility to improve our Government Schools.”

The BEO Officer talks about sending his children to Government Schools and how he wants his grandchildren also to be sent to Government Schools. “Each and everyone has to take up the responsibility to bring up Government Schools.”

Listen in for more…

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