Active Health: The Many Myths that We Believe about Our Eyes

In this episode of Active Health, Dr. Surekha speaks about the many myths related the human eyes and their care.

“About three generations back, eye problems were treated by elders at home with home-made medicines. Now, the situation has changed and everyone must approach hospitals and clinics for medication. In those days, when options and research were not as advanced, some of the home remedies may have been helpful but using milk or oil as medicines for the eyes is a strict no-no today.”

Many believe that reading too much can spoil one’s eyes, but that is untrue – all one has to do is to make sure that there is enough ambient light when reading. It is also good to take a break for a few minutes when reading for long periods of time. Watching TV for a long time also doesn’t affect the vision but it can cause watering and irritation in the eyes; looking at electronic gadgets and screens in the dark is not a good long-term option. “Also, we should be careful that children do not watch TV and other devices from very close distances. People also believe that a twitch in the eyes is a sign of good luck, but this is a big myth. One must get the eye checked if the twitching remains for long.”

Another myth that people often readily believe is that if parents have eye problems, then their children will also get them. Yes, this can be true, but it is not a necessarily hereditary phenomenon. “Sunglasses may be considered cool accessories but in reality they provide important protection to the eyes. Parents believe that their children wearing spectacles will mean spoiling their looks, but they must be encouraged to wear them as directed by the doctor.”

People also tend to believe that cataract disappears on its own but that’s not true. The condition, in fact, requires surgery. “When it comes to nutrition, people believe that eating carrots is enough to keep the eyes healthy. But, all fruits and vegetables, not just carrots, need to be consumed for healthy eyes.”

Listen in for more…

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