Read Aloud Festival with Krushna Dharia – “Reading Aloud Brought Me and My Grandmother Closer.”

This guest piece is a part of the Read Aloud Festival, organised by Hasirudala and Buguri Community Libraries, and supported by Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz to mark ‘World Read Aloud Day’ on February 1st, 2019. We reached out to children’s books authors and editors, community library groups, educators, parents, and other practitioners to share their personal experiences of read alouds and the benefits the practice promises.

As a kid, I used to love hearing stories and imagining the characters and their lives.

I lived with my grandmother for 3 months when I was 12 years old. She was a keen reader herself and every day she used to read me a few pages from Mahabharata in Gujarati (my mother tongue). I loved listening to the stories when she read it to me.

I vividly remember, once while reading the Draupadi episode, she asked me, “How will you remember me when I leave this world?” I told her I would remember the time she read me those stories. Today, I still see that big Mahabharata book from which she narrated the stories to me and I miss her! Those little things brought me closer to her.

I now have a two-months-old niece and I can’t wait to read her stories with moral lessons. I know that is how we will bond.

Krushna Dharia has completed her Masters in Social Work and has been working in the development sector since then. She is also a foodie and co-owner of a small cafe in her hometown! Her optimistic nature makes her look at almost everything positively!

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