Nayonika Abhignanam: Lazy Eye Demands Treatment, Not Indifference

In this episode of Nayonika Abhignanam, Dr. Surekha speaks about the condition known as Lazy Eye – when one eye works well and one doesn’t. “This has to be identified at the right time and treatment should be sought. If not, the chances of losing the eye can be high.” People’s false beliefs about the condition can complicate matters. A few people think that squint eyes are lucky and shouldn’t be treated. “But the truth is that each eye will be seeing different things and the signals reaching the brain will make it stressful for the organ.”

When one eye is working normally and the other eye has low vision, people may neglect it thinking that at least one eye is working well. “Slowly, this eye will become lazy and in the long term, will lose all vision.” Marks on the cornea can also lead to lazy eye.

So, the keys to good eye health are – noticing obvious symptoms, eating well and getting regular check-ups done. Any long-term damage or loss of vision can be avoided in most cases with timely treatments

Listen in for more…

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