Art Show: Advanced Technology Has Changed and Improved the Keyboard

In this episode of the Art Show, Dr. Uday Kiran continues to share more information on the Keyboard.

Mainly, the Keyboard is divided into two parts, out of which one is composed of the keys through which to bring out sounds of many other instruments. Interested people must consider Casio, Roland, Korg, and Yamaha brands when thinking of buying a Keyboard. “There are more designs out there, but people usually prefer these brands when shopping.” On the Keyboard, there is a power button to switch on the buttons. If we need specific Swaras to be played, one needs to practice a lot.

It is also important to choose a suitable Keyboard for one’s level. For children, toy Keyboards with 13 to 19 keys can be used to develop their interest. “It also depends on whether they want to use the Keyboard as a hobby, for recordings, or for events. There are some Keyboards where we can start from 4-5 Swaras and can go up to 2,000 Swaras; we can also use certain software to play the Keyboards.”

There are some types of Keyboards, however, on which we cannot guess how to choose different Swaras. For example, the entry-level Keyboards follow a number system. Each number is associated with a different kind of instrument sound. Anyone can follow the user manual to learn their respective Keyboards. “Also, numberless Keyboards called ‘Category’ are also available.” To choose certain instruments, one should select the symbols relating to them mentioned on the Keyboard. Keyboards have also advanced in the past few years – touch screen is available to press keys and a computer can be used to control the Keyboard.

Listen in for more…

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