Chigurida Badaku with RJ Radha and Sumitra: The Need For Family Support When HIV+

In this episode of Chigurida Badaku, RJ Radha is in conversation with Sumitra.

Sumitra was brought up in her aunt’s home and at a very young age, she was married off to her aunt’s brother. She lived through her married life for three years and also had a baby. Her husband passed away because of HIV and following that, her child was taken away from her by her husband’s parents. She was left alone at her mother’s place. She remarried and started facing a lot of health problems. When she later gave birth to another baby, a moment of negligence by the delivery nurse led to the baby becoming HIV+. “This was because, after birth, the nurse was supposed to give the child one specific syrup which she ignored.” During this time, her mother-in-law took good care of her and even washed all her blood-soaked clothes. Soon after, her husband suddenly fell ill and was bed-ridden for eight long years. During this period, she took care of her husband, her mother-in-law, her house and her child all alone.

As Sumitra’s child is HIV+, Arunodaya is supporting her education through the KABA scheme and providing them with essential nutrition. She is looking forward to better days as her husband has finally recovered and has started going to work. “I want my daughter to grow well and understand her own health needs.”

Listen in for more…

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