Active Bengaluru: ‘Trin Trin’ Your Way to A Healthier Bengaluru!

‘Trin Trin’ is a Government of Karnataka project and is planned and implemented by the Directorate of Urban Land Transport. It has been responsible for working on cycling initiatives since 2011. ‘Jet Cycling’ started picking up in 2014. ‘Trin Trin’ was launched in Mysore first and it worked very well. It is making cycles available for rent at different places – you pick up a cycle and drop it at another cycle stand after you finish your work. In Bengaluru, it’s a bit different – in the city, 3,000 cycles have been deployed in 400 areas. It was in the pilot stage for a long time and was launched formally recently. “As the Bicycle Mayor, I feel very happy at this launch, because everyone can’t carry bicycles while using public transport. So, when this type of system is available, they can pick up and drop off wherever possible. Also, seeing bicycles on the roads is a sign of positive hope that people will start thinking that, yes, I can ride as well and it’s acceptable,” says Sathya Sankaran.

The east side of the city has deployed more bicycles as a lot of IT professionals stay in the areas here. “We have to bring in more cycles. Here it’s different than what is in Mysore as there it was handed to the operator – they deployed docking stations and the bicycles locked by themselves in slots. In Bengaluru, we have dock-less stations. So, where ever you want, cycles can be dropped off by locking the cycles themselves. Parking hubs have been launched here and maps of these hubs are available. More cycles can be added in these hubs.”

More technological additions are expected to be made in the coming months. “I request everyone to try and use bicycles on as many trips as you want and reduce car or bike rides. If you want to do anything for your city, then this will be a great initiative. Though it is a drop in the ocean, it makes a great difference.”

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