A Discussion on Mental Health with RJ Radha, Mythri, Varsha, and Dr Sunil

1. Can you cure mental illness naturally without medication? 

Dr Sunil: Therapy gives good results, but I’m not against prescription. Medication is needed, but only in unavoidable situations. 

2. How is therapy different from talking to somebody whom you trust? 

Varsha, Nutrition Therapist: Therapist should never get too friendly with their patients because they cannot mix their professional and personal lives. It is best to go to a therapist instead of going to a person whom you are friendly with or generally trust.

3. What diet should be followed for good mental health? 

Varsha: Here is an example – for expensive cars like Jaguar and Lamborghini, we need to put in the best fuel in order to maintain the car and have it run smoothly. Likewise, to be mentally fit, one needs a healthy diet. 

4. How is mental illness diagnosed? Is it a test or a gut feeling? 

Dr Sunil: The first thing is that we need to understand the definition of mental illness – anything or everything is ‘normal’ until and unless it is the cause of distress to oneself or to people around. Diagnosis is always an evidence-based process, not a gut feeling.

5. How do you treat a patient with Drama Therapy? 

Mythri, Drama Therapist: I’m a counselling psychologist as per my base degree and drama therapy is my specialisation. So, when I meet individuals, I always start by talking. Sometimes, while dealing with trauma, it’s very important to engage the body, so within the framework of talk therapy, I suggest that the patient participates in something which gives exercise to the body. Drama therapy involves the patient playing different roles and developing themselves. 

6. How do you choose a therapist?

Mythri: The most important thing is the relationship between the client and the therapist. While seeking counselling, first look for a few things – like, are you comfortable with the professional? Do they really listen to you? Do you feel safe? Do they describe the duration, method, and so on, well? Does the person make you feel confident and free to ask any question? 

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