Motorcycle Diaries- Featuring Bikerni Sameera Dahiya In Conversation With RJ Arpitha Rai

Clad in jeans, tee-shirt, and an ordinary jacket, a helmet crowning her pulled-back hair, she hopped on the bike and rode to Coorg. With only the wind in her hair and the long scenic roads for company, she wanted to experience nothingness.

Welcome to ‘Motorcycle Diaries’. I am Pinky Chandran, your host for this very special series featuring women bikers.

From a pillion-rider to a solo-rider who is adept at off-roading and touring and now is a seasonal rider and track racer, Sameera Dahiya has come a long way – in fact, a way measuring 90,000 kilometers and counting! A wanderer at heart and restless by nature, she quit her high-flying job to become a full-time biker. But that’s not all – she is also a certified yoga trainer and was crowned the second runner-up at the North India Plus Size 2018 beauty pageant. Her Instagram hashtag says #lifebeyondsizes #plussizewithbikes and one of her Facebook posts declares, ‘Always surprise yourself with your will power and strong side.’

Presenting Bikerni Sameera Dahiya in conversation with her favourite Bikerni, RJ Arpitha Rai.

Listen in for more…

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