Mano Charchae: Exam Time Should be Stress-Free and Full of Positivity

In this episode of Mano Charchae, we speak with Dr. Archana about managing the stress of children when they are preparing for their examinations.

Children should not have to live under any pressure from their parents to score high marks in school. But, a lot of parents compare their children’s academic performance with other children’s, and they often also expect them to live up to the dreams that they themselves couldn’t achieve. Especially when examination time rolls around, parents should be careful about not saddling their kids with more stress than they already are under and instead try to motivate them.

When performance pressure is high, children will not know what they should do. Parents can help out by drafting a time-table for study and by making sure that the home environment is ideal for studying. A few children have the capacity to study on their own; in such cases, parents should be careful about enforcing their own way of reading. Parents should support their children when they need it and ask for it.

To help prepare for exams, parents should conduct tests at home so that the children can get used to maintaining good time for answering and thinking. This will help them be less tense in the exam hall. Everyone should be made aware that exams are just an aspect of life and that failure isn’t the end of it all. Parents should provide their children with positive hope and not scoldings even when they fail.

Teachers also play an important role in this period. They should guide and support students who are low scorers in academics. A counselling facility can also help students deal with emotionally taxing situations. Students often think of their teachers as role models. So, teachers should act positively. Comparing one student to another should be avoided completely.

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