Motorcycle Diaries- Featuring Audrey Sequeira In Conversation With Arpitha Rai

Mom is a superwoman.” Who am I speaking about? A homemaker and a professional cook, she is a multi-tasker whose determination and perseverance are unshakeable.

She has always taken rejections in her stride and worked on herself, not to prove something to the world, but to live her best life.

Riding had been her hidden passion for long. She rode while in college, especially on the beach, and people called her a ‘tomboy’. And then, education, work, and family claimed top priority in her life. Riding faded away into the background but the passion for it remained in her heart, patiently waiting to come out again.

One day, she finally confessed to her husband of her secret pull towards riding and her husband gifted her an Avenger to practice on.

She completed a solo ride.
She decided to forge her own path and found sisterhood in ‘Bikerni’.
She reclaimed herself by living her moto of love what you do, do what you love.

Listen in for more…

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