Makkala Nyaya Makkala Rakshane: Foster Care Is Rare in India But Can Provide Valuable Support to Vulnerable Children

In this episode of Makkala Nyaya Makkala Rakshane, Lakshmi Prasanna talks about Fit Facility, Fit Person, and Foster Care. The DCP is responsible for providing the necessary requirements to the children in need. 

Under the JJ ACT, Section 51, it’s clearly mentioned that The Board or The Committee shall recognise a facility being run by a Governmental organisation or a voluntary or non-governmental organisation registered under any law for the time being in force to be fit to temporarily take the responsibility of a child for a specific purpose, after due inquiry regarding the suitability of the facility and the organisation to take care of the child in such manner as may be prescribed.  

The Board or The Committee shall, after due verification of credentials, recognise any person fit to temporarily receive a child for care, protection and treatment of such child for a specified period and in the manner as may be prescribed. 

Foster care means creating a family for an orphan child within other families to take care of them. The organisation has to choose such families and give the child to that family and follow up on their living. This family must include all care and love for the child. The care which the child gets is called foster care. In India, foster care remains a rare phenomenon, but now experiments are going on to recognise people who can provide foster care to vulnerable children. In this arrangement, the child will be the responsibility of organisations and visit the family during holidays, but the family will take care of the child’s responsibilities fully. Such families are called Foster Families.

Listen in for more!

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