Motorcycle Diaries: Featuring Bikerni Shatabdi Samanta With RJ Captain M

Each bike rider has a different style and riding experiences are all varied. The machine does not know or care about gender, age, size, or height. What it asks for is a positive attitude and a never-say-die ethic – falling is a part and parcel of life!

Soft-spoken, shy, introverted, and unassuming, independent, strong and extremely confident, Bikerni Shatabdi Samanta embodies seeming contrasts. She believes in the popular saying that the greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do! To prove the point, she hops on her bike, parked outside her house, and rides around the neighbourhood, leaving behind all biases in dust.

Hello everyone, you are listening to Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz, Bangalore’s first community radio station. Welcome to Motor Cycle Diaries! I am Pinky Chandran, your host for this very special series featuring women bikers.

In today’s episode, Bikerni RJ, the forever-smiling Captain M, Meenakshi Priyadarshini Mohanty chats up one of the youngest Bikernis in the fold, Shatabdi Samanta.

Listen in for more…

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