Motorcycle Diaries – Featuring Bikerni Anitha Prakash in conversation with RJ Captain M

A fearless person, an outdoors fanatic, an athlete, a dog-lover, a human ‘selfie stick’, and a biking maniac are some of the adjectives that her friends would use to describe her.

She also happens to be a marketing and  communications specialist, and the social media coordinator at Bikerni Bengaluru. Anitha Prakash was formally initiated into the biking universe when on a ride with her fiancé ten days before their wedding, she fell off the bike, picked the vehicle up, and rode all the way back to Bengaluru like she was born to do it!

Anitha believes that age is just a number and that your capabilities, too, grow as you age. So, it is very important to invest half-an-hour or even 5 minutes a day into whatever one is passionate about. “Do not give up on your passion,” she emphasises. 

In this episode of ‘Motorcycle Diaries’ – Our guest is ‘Bikerni Ani’, as she prefers to be called, who is in conversation with the forever-smiling Captain M, Meenakshi Priyadarshini Mohanty. 

Photo Credits: Anitha Prakash’s FaceBook Page

Editing: Beula Anthony

Listen in

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