Motorcycle Diaries with Bikerni Arpitha Rai: Biking is a Journey, Not a Destination

“When you fall, you learn, and your scars become your medals.” Bikerni Arpitha Rai lives by this sentiment. For her, biking is a journey, it is not the speed of the travel that matters.


Arpitha is a communications professional by day and a national-level athlete, photographer, fashion consultant, film enthusiast, volunteer at many social causes, hardcore foodie, dog-lover, and a promoter at a cafe in JP Nagar, outside of work, and a biker at all other times! Never the one to say no, she is a legendary 2 am friend, always ready to lend a patient ear and a helping hand.

Arpitha didn’t know that biking was for her till 2016 and then Bikerni happened, and today, the passion for biking rules a major portion of her life.

‘Motorcycle Diaries’ – is a very special series featuring women bikers.

Editing: Beula Anthony

Photo Credit: Arpitha Rai’s facebook page

Host & RJ: Pinky Chandran

Listen in for more!

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