Active Cooking with Smitha: The Ridge Gourd Peel Chutney is a Fibre-Filled Condiment

Smitha learned to make this chutney on her own. In this episode of Active Cooking, she generously shares with us the recipe for it. The Ridge Gourd Peel Chutney may seem unusual but Smitha says that it is good for health because it contains a lot of fibre. She makes many other types of chutneys as well, like mango chutney, tomato chutney, and coriander chutney. Her family members are the biggest fans of her cooking!


• Ridge Gourd Peels
• Onions
• Garlic
• Cumin Seeds
• Green Chilies
• Tamarind
• Curry Leaves
• Coriander Leaves

First, soak the gourds in water for about two hours. Later, peel the gourds and keep the peels aside.

Take a pan and put about two teaspoons of oil in it. Once the oil is hot, put a spoonful of cumin seeds in it. Then add some sliced garlic and onions and fry for about two minutes. After that, put in the chilies and fry again for about two minutes.

Later, put the ridge gourd peels in the pan and fry till all the water content is gone. Once the raw flavour has gone off, switch off the stove and keep the peels aside to cool.

Take a mixer and put some salt, a little sugar and an inch of tamarind in the jar along with some coriander and curry leaves. Then, add the cooled cooked mixture and grind. You can add water only if you feel the need for it. After grinding thoroughly, transfer the paste to a bowl.

Take a pan, put a teaspoon of oil in it and once the oil is hot, add a teaspoon of mustard seeds and some curry leaves. Once the mustard seeds and curry leaves have been fried well, add the mix on top of the chutney like a garnish.

The Ridge Gourd Peel Chutney is ready to be served. According to Smitha, this chutney tastes the best when served with dosas, rotis, chapattis, and other Indian breads.

Listen in for more!

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