Behind The Label: The Grim Realities of Being a Garments Checker

In this episode of Behind The Label, Gangamma talks about the realities of doing checker work at a garment factory.

“With alteration pieces, if we do not happen to notice a loose stitch or any weavings, the damaged pieces would move forward. We will then be forced to stand in front of all the officers in the factory and take a blasting. We must stand in front of them silently because such mistakes happen and we cannot avoid them completely.”

“The difference between batch and finishing is that in the batch part, we check only one part of the piece and that is also checked by the main table. If any flaw is spotted again, then it comes back to me and I send it for repair. In the finishing part, all checkers will check the pieces and they finally come to us. If a piece passes from us and is then rejected, we get terrible scoldings. We also face problems with regards to our health as we breathe in a lot of dust. No matter how many masks we use or for how long, dust allergies remain common. We receive meager salaries and we work for more than eight hours a day, often without a break.”

Listen in for more…

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