My Vote My Right: The 11 Photo ID Cards that will Help You Vote

In this episode of My Vote My Right, women gather at the jagalikatte and they discuss the voting process and procedures with an election officer. During an Indian election, different Government office buildings are selected as election booths, like schools, Anganwadis, Government colleges, and many more. These booths should make sure that a police station should be within a 2 km radius. A few officials will be selected during the elections and they will visit all houses and provide relevant information regarding names, ward numbers, addresses, and polling booths along with the photo of the voter. They will also give a small slip with the name and booth numbers of where to go and vote at. If any names are misspelled or are not mentioned, they can always visit Also, if anyone can’t find their voter ID card, they can always show the election slip and any one of the 11 photo ID cards mentioned by the Election Commission.

The women also share their problems when it comes to voting – change in name, booth number confusion, and dual names with same initials, and more. Vijaya mentions that everyone must confirm their details before voting to avoid any last-minute confusion.

Sanjeev Kumar
Chief Electoral Officer, Karnataka

“To participate in elections, we must add our names to the electoral roll as soon as one reaches 18 years of age. Every year, the list of voters is renewed. There are different forms available online and also with the Zilla Officer, Taluk Office, to add, remove, change address, and other details. Booth-level officers will be at all polling booths, so if needed, one can take and fill the form and submit it along with address proof, date of birth, and other details. After this, your name will be added to voters’ list and they will give you an Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC). If a name is mentioned in the voters’ list, then an EPIC is not needed. ID cards from different Government Departments can also be used as reference ID cards.”

Vasudeva Sharma
Child Rights Trust

Vasudeva Sharma recalls childhood memories of his father, who used to say to his wife that “you vote for whomever you want. Who you have voted for should remain a secret, but vote without fail.” “Whatever work you may have on that day, cast your vote and show the ink mark on your finger with pride!”

“Also, voting is referred to as ‘Mathadana’, a word that has great meaning. We should not sell our vote for liquor, saris, money or any other bribe. No one must force anyone to vote for someone especially; voting is one’s own decision. Polling booths will be situated within 2 kms of your house, so one needn’t use the vehicles sent by a political party.”

Dr. Priyanca Mathur
Associate Professor, Jain University
Center for Research and Social Sciences and Education, and Coordinator for the Center for Public Policy in Government

“To find the correct polling booth, one can fill out details on the electoral website that is Follow the steps mentioned there and add your details. In case one doesn’t have a voter ID card, then a photo ID card and a voter slip will be enough to vote.

What are the 11 photo ID cards?

Passport, driving license, service identity cards with photograph issued to employees by the Central or the State Government, or PSUs or Public Limited Companies, passbooks with photograph issued by a bank or a post office, PAN Card, Smart Card issued by the Registrar General of India (RGI) under the National Population Register (NPR), MGNREGA job card, health insurance smart card issued under the scheme of Ministry of Labour, pension document with photograph, official identity cards issued to MPs/ MLAs/ MLCs and Aadhaar Card, the government release.

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