Eco Talk with Anjaneya Reddy: We Must Save All Lakes of the City, Not Just One

Anjaneya Reddy is a farmer from Kolar who harvests silk and has a grapes farm. He is a native of Nayanahalli village near Chikkabalapura.

From a very young age, he has watched his elders fetching water from surrounding lakes to water their farms. At first, they were solely dependent on these water bodies, but once they started drying up they started depending on ‘kodava wells.’ Recently, there has been consistent water problems with these wells as well, which is why according to him, there must be permanent water security in areas such as Ramnagar, Tumkuru and villages around Bangalore.

He mentions that “when the water penetrates into the ground, it might mix with the pesticides and may be harmful if consumed by animals or humans, and if we want to be saved from this, we have to protect all our water bodies. If we allow the lake and river water to flow freely, then in the process, the groundwater will also become safer.”

Anjaneya Reddy also shares about G.S. Paramashiva, who has been conducting regular campaigns for the security of lakes. He is also a supporter of these campaigns. He tells that along with him, there are many other people from different communities who are wholeheartedly supporting these campaigns and some of these communities include the youth, the rural community and even a few lawyers. In this way, with the help of all these people, they are trying to fight against the government. In the past 25 years, many private organisations have come forward and made promises to save lakes but nothing substantial has worked out.

Today, the only water bodies that we see around us are lakes, and these lakes are present in cities as well as in the villages. People must try to secure the lakes that are around them, and they should also keep in mind that many of their daily needs, like milk, vegetables, fruits, etc., come to them from the villages. Nowadays, not everyone is interested in saving our water bodies in both villages and the cities. Residents in cities are not aware of the water problems faced by the villagers in places like Tumkuru, Ramnagar and more.

He also tells that the government might have implemented various projects by investing crores of rupees, but the right technology has not been brought in. He says that the government as well as the citizens remain equally ignorant to these water problems.

He tells that saving water, using this water correctly, and seeing to it that this water is not wasted is every citizen’s responsibility. He says that, we would not have faced this vivid scarcity if the people were made aware of the water problems right at the start. The reason why a city like Bangalore is facing scarcity of water is because in the process of building a city, the people destroyed the mountains, the fertile lands, the lakes, and forests, and in that place, came up buildings. He tells that, the lakes in the city are just the receivers, they store the rain waters in them, so the safety of these lakes must be our first priority. He tells that Bangalore is a metropolitan city and there are many industries here, so there should be proper water maintenance; he says that the industries should not allow these polluted waters to enter the lakes. But today, there are various types of chemicals that are flowing into the lakes from various sources and making the lakes polluted.

“We are facing a very serious problem today because only after digging the deepest borewells are we getting access to ground water. Almost ninety percent of the city’s lakes are polluted, even the birds and the animals are not able to consume them. We have rarely concentrated on the water issues, we have not conducted proper surveys, studied the lakes. How can we solve the problems?” Mr. Anjaneya mentions that instead of concentrating on one single lake, we have to introduce a project that includes all the lakes of Bangalore.

Listen in for more…

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