My Vote My Right: Higher Number of Women Voters Will Make a Difference

Dr. Mamtha BR Gowda
Senior IAS Officer

“In the upcoming elections, I request all women to vote in more and more numbers. There is an app called ‘Election’ through which you can know which is your polling station as well as the location of the hospitals and police stations nearby. At the polling station, water facility, a help desk, and shady areas to sit in while waiting in a long line will be available.”

She also mentions about the voting process inside the polling booth, starting from showing your ID card to casting your vote. “After 18 years of age, anyone can vote after registering their name in the roll. At 18, one is expected to have the information needed to choose the right person to vote for. So, know about your candidate and cast your vote responsibly. I also request all sexual minorities to vote.”

In a conversation with children, Lakshmi Prasanna from APSA speaks about the upcoming elections. His in-depth conversation helped create and build awareness about the electoral process in the minds of the children, who were then encouraged to draw and paint the concepts that they had understood.

Listen in for more!

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