My Vote My Right: Every Voter’s Duty is to be Well-Informed and Honest

This episode features an interaction between Kathyayini Chamaraj with the housekeeping staff at the Jain University building on Palace Road. She highlights facts relating to the importance of registration of names on the voters’ list and the value of a vote itself.

To add a name to the list, one must fill Form 6. To do this, the person needs to mention the address of their stable residence for the past six months and more, and also provide their date of birth details and address proof. She also mentioned the different forms to be submitted to add, delete, rectify any errors and to shift from one constituency to another.

Kathyayini also emphasised the effects of voting after taking bribes – how it directly affects all citizens and how we cheat ourselves out of our basic duties.

She also detailed the ‘None Of The Above’ (NOTA) option on the voting machines. She brought up Association of Democratic Reforms, which is a platform where details of all candidates are mentioned and where voters can go through candidate profiles.

“We should learn to question the candidate who has won the elections in the ward committee meeting which happens every month. As the English proverb says, “Eternal Vigilance is the price we pay for Democracy”.

Kathyayini also listed out the ID cards that can be used to vote if one doesn’t have a voter ID card.

Listen in for more…

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