Mano Charchae with Juhi Ramani and Karthik – Autism Asks for Patience and Life-Long Support

Autism is a neuro-development condition which involves a learning disability where there are multiple symptoms to identify. These symptoms might not be visible because they don’t always have physical manifestations.

People with autism usually show symptoms like habitually not making eye contact, compulsively tapping their fingers, and a general difficulty in engaging in social interactions. They also will show certain learning disabilities. But, it is wrong to assume that all persons with autism have the exact same symptoms. Specific symptoms can be identified as early as at 18 months of age and will become more evident by the age of 3. These babies and children will show difficulties in speaking and in maintaining eye contact. Early intervention is critical in controlling and managing these symptoms.

Autism is categorised in terms of a spectrum – moving from mild to high. Parents should not feel or be made to feel shame or shyness when it comes to their children being autistic. They should be engaged in conversations with friends and family members about support and understanding.

During childhood, autism will ask for more care and attention. This high dependency can become lower and lower with support later in life. Patience is very important for parents of autistic children because this condition is not something that will go away in six months or a year. It’s a life-long process. Parents should also be careful about not comparing their child’s progress with other children.

Listen in for more!

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