Active Cooking with Bhawani: Use Sambar Cucumbers to Make a Super Chutney!

Bhawani is a homemaker who loves spending time watching cooking shows on the TV. She prepares various kinds of chutneys using ingredients like carrots, mangoes, and more. “My family loves my cooking! They enjoy the most when non-vegetarian food is prepared in the house.” 


·         Sambar Cucumber

·         Green Chillies

·         Cumin seeds

·         Tamarind

(For seasoning)

·         Garlic

·         Dry Chilies

·         Mustard Seeds

·         Curry Leaves

To make this chutney, peel the cucumbers first and chop them into small pieces. 

After that, take a pan and add a little oil into it. Once the oil is hot, toss the cucumber pieces into the pan and along with it, add in the green chilies, tamarind, and cumin seeds. Once everything has been added, fry till all has turned brown. 

Once cooked well, scoop the cucumber out of the pan and keep aside for it to cool. Once slightly cooled, take a mixer jar and put in all the cooked pieces. Add some salt and grind to a good mix. 

Take another pan and add a teaspoon of oil into it. Once the oil is hot, add in the mustard seeds, garlic, dry chilies, and curry leaves and fry. Once done, add this seasoning to the ground chutney. The chutney is now ready to eat! 

According to Bhawani, this chutney tastes the best when served with Dosas and Chapattis. 

Listen in for more!

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