Motorcycle Diaries – Featuring Bikerni Vaishali And Bhavani In Conversation With Sameera Dahiya

The bond of sisterhood that these two Bikernis share is unique. While Vaishali started her journey with the bike as early as her 10th grade, Bhavani was a pillion to Vaishali for a long time before she was inspired by Vaishali. The two have an entrusting relationship that goes beyond the roads. Vaishali is even known as ‘Bullet Madam’ in her office who collects bikes and jeeps, but Bhavani had to hide her bike at Vaishali’s place for 6 months before she was confident enough to take it home. Vaishali experiences meditation while she rides whereas Bhavani achieved her freedom through pursuing her passion.

Let us know more about this bond that the two share in our coming segment and how it has evolved and developed over the years.

Listen in for more…

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