Motorcycle Diaries – Featuring Bikerni Sahana In Conversation With RJ Bikerni Sameera Dahiya

Her Father, his Bike and his support have made this Biker who she is today. She loves the curves and turns on the road, and these have also shaped and turned her introverted personality into a more outgoing one in the biking clubs. She believes riding to be part of herself, something that has grown with her and will stay with her. While she questions the roles women have been assigned, she believes an ‘upgrade’ is around the corner with more acceptance and support. Sahana has a special recognition in her college of being ‘that girl with the bike’. Riding medicates and relieves her. 

While being a child with no interest in biking, to have a bike breakdown while she was on a trip with her Father that made riding an integral part of her that is therapeutic her; let us see what this young Bikerni has to say about her journey.

Listen in for more…

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