Mano Charchae: Parenting a Child with Autism

In this episode of Mano Charchae, RJ Padma Priya speaks with Juhi Ramani and Karthik about the role of parents in and the importance of talking about autism.

“First of all, these parents will already be under so much stress, they will be emotionally struggling between themselves. I would request them to stand up for themselves and stand up for their children, to never give up. In Bangalore itself, we have many opportunities and facilities available for the care of children living with autism. It’s also important that they come out of their shell and speak out so that they know what is happening around them and what methods they can adopt.”

The first point of interaction for parents in the city can be NIMHANS – it is a hub for good connections. “We counsel and guide parents in getting back on the right track. We also had started a free weekend school for two months. We had certified speech experts and vocational trainers in the classes. We noticed that the parents’ expectations were often leading to a lot of stress. We showed them how patience is essential when it comes to growth in their children. Many of these parents hold their children under house arrest and don’t share anything with others, which is not good at all.”

Talking about the medical side of things, Juhi mentions that there is no medicine that can ‘cure’ autism. “Our main focus is on making children with autism more and more independent. They need physical training, special education on colour combinations, building blocks, and basic activities.” She also shares how early intervention had helped her own brother cope better. Each child’s needs and progress levels will, of course, be different.

Listen in for more…

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