Active Cooking: Harshitha’s Recipe for Coriander Mint Chutney

Harshita is a student of II PUC. She learned to cook from her mother. “I love cooking and can make any type of dish. Apart from this chutney, I also know how to make plain coriander chutney, peanut chutney, coconut chutney and many other varieties of condiments.”


 Mint Leaves
 Coriander Leaves
 Coconut
 Green Chilies
 Tamarind
 Garlic
 Onion
 Cumin Seeds
 Salt

Take a pan and put one spoon of oil in it. Once the oil is hot, add the chopped green chilies and garlic and fry them well for about five minutes. Once done, add about a teaspoon of cumin seeds and stir for a bit.

Add the grated coconut along with the mint leaves, coriander leaves and tamarind and fry the mix until the raw taste is gone.

Once properly cooked, scoop the mix onto a plate to cool. Once cooled, put this mixture into a mixer jar, add the required amount of salt, and grind thoroughly.

Chop some onions for the seasoning.

For the seasoning:

Take a pan and add one teaspoon of oil in it. Once the oil is hot, put a few mustard seeds into it. Once sizzling hot, add the chopped onions into the pan and fry well until the onion is brownish in colour. Once done, pour this seasoning on to the chutney and mix well.

The chutney is now ready to be devoured! Harshita suggests that this chutney tastes the best when served with idlis, dosas and rotties.

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