Motorcycle Diaries – Featuring Bikerni Tulika In Conversation With RJ Anitha Prakash

Armed with a solid cheerful streak, Tulika navigates multiple identities. She is a four-wheeler bike rider and a mother of two. She is a Tarot-reader. She is also a non-believer in age constraints. She decided to start riding at the age of 37 and bought a second-hand bike which she christened ‘Athena’, the ancient Greek goddess who represents power, wisdom and the strength of womanhood.

Tulika started off slow and in time, sped up to become a core member of the biking group, later introducing the concept of night rides. She uses riding as a tool to conquer her fears. As a rider, she finds positivity and conviction. So, she hopes that more and more people take up bike-riding and discover the kind of strength that she has discovered.

Tulika’s ambition knows no bounds. She has her eyes set on a Bengaluru to Leh ride, and wants to cover the Golden Quadrilateral as well.

Tune into this conversation between Tulika and Bikerni RJ Anitha Prakash to know more!

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