Motorcycle Diaries: Featuring Bikerni Shanmugapriya In Conversation With RJ Anitha Prakash

Shanmugapriya Murugesan is a model rider – she is dedicated, amiable, and always willing to adapt to changes. A Processor Designer by profession, her passion is riding her turquoise blue Avenger. She is one of the very few women who has completed the formidable Kashmir to Kanyakumari ride.

In spite of being clearly inspirational, Shanmugapriya resists being labelled. Challenges like bad weather conditions, non-availability of washrooms and proper restaurants have never deterred her from following her love for riding. She credits her father’s staunch support for being her driving force.

Hello Everyone, you are listening to Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz, Bangalore’s first community radio station. Welcome to ‘Motorcycle Diaries’! I am Aarjavi and this is a very special series featuring women bikers. Listen in as RJ Bikerni Anitha Prakash chats with Bikerni Roshni Miraskar.

Listen in for more…

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