Motorcycle Diaries : Featuring Bikerni Candida Louis In Conversation With RJ Sameera Dahiya

We all talk about seeing the brighter side of things but this Bikerni manages to practice it with panache. Her journey on the road has not been anywhere close to easy, but the world remains an inspiration for Candida Louis. She quit a stable finance job at Infosys to follow her passion on the road and has learned to trust her motorcycle more than anyone ever since. Her recent 8-month ride from Bengaluru to Sydney, inspired by Alistair Farland, demanded unprecedented mental and physical strength from her. But, she came up tops!

In this episode, we go on a journey with Candida that started when she was 16 years old.

Hello Everyone, you are listening to Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz, Bangalore’s first community radio station. Welcome to ‘Motorcycle Diaries’! I am Shruti Sharada and this is a very special series featuring women bikers. Listen in as RJ Bikerni Sameera Dahiya chats with Bikerni Candida Louis.

Listen in for more…

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